Cage twisting machine MKK on rigid frame


Cage twisting machine, type MKK on a rigid frame, is designed for armouring of logging cables with high-strength steel galvanized wire and stranding of uninsulated wires and copper and aluminium current conductors used for aerial deployment.

Cage twisting machine contains: pay off and take up, twisting cages, preforming units, pulling assemblies, lubricators of armour and wires. The machine has modern control system based on industrial controllers and digital converter equipment.     


Type of machine

Spool diameter, mm

Number of spools in cage, pc

Maximal cage rotation, rot/min

Maximal linear speed, m/min

Diameter of pay off reel, mm

Diameter of take up reel,



 8 24



 450 - 1 200

 630 - 1 400



 8 24



 630 - 1 400

 1 000 - 1 800



 8 24



 1 200 - 2 200

 1 200 - 2 200

The technological line includes: units controlling wire break; units providing uniform tension of wires, units forming a spiral necessary to lay armouring wires on core; a pulling assembly providing mechanical stabilization of cable; equipment of thermal stabilization; an applicator of anticorrosive lubrication.  

The control system indicates, in real time mode, technological parameters of cable production and information about condition of the machine at screen of monitor or operator panel.

Software, developed and implemented by specialists of the company, allows perform fast transition of the line in production of the large series of logging cables and insures qualitative technical maintenance and repair of the equipment.