Lowering-rising assemblies


Lowering-rising assembly is a kind of winch produced by OOO Pskovgeokabel. The main feature of these assemblies is use of additional platform with installed mechanical equipment (retractable legs, derrick, guide- support-manipulator) facilitating lowering-rising operations. The assemblies can be installed in a container.


Lowering-rising assemblySPU 18/800

Technical characteristics:

1. Reel capacity

0,3 m2

2. Maximum cable diameter

16 mm

3. Reel capacity, not less

0,23 m3

4. Pulling force on first layer of winding

18 kN

5. Drive of winch

Electric asynchronous

6. Drive of guide

Electric asynchronous

7. Maximal speed of pay off take up

30 m/min

8. Installation