Stationary geophisical winches


Stationary geophysical winches are designed for lowering and rising operations with a cable on control-testing wells at distant and difficult to reach areas where use of mobile winches is not possible; for work as a part of marking installations and winding machines at repair plants.

Control system and electric drives depending of purpose provide:

- smooth speed change of movement of cable;

- automatic record of logging parameters;

- visualization of length (depth);

- speeds of movement and tension of cable;

- automatical control of linear speed of cable movement;

- smooth tension change by winding to stationary winch;

- ordered cabling of different diameter;

- setting limit values of tension and length (depth);

- alarm reel stop of winch;

- sound signal when given limit value of length (depth) and tension are reached with possibility of automatic stop;

- possible PC connection with registration of winding parameters (speed, length, tension, crossing magnetic label).


   Electric drives of stationary winches of marking installations with power over 30 kWcan provide additionally:

  smooth change of tension by take up and pay off a cable; 

  automatical tension control is possible;

  automatical tension control depending length of a cable is possible.

Technical characteristics

Power of drive

4 - 37 kW

Power supply

3380 V, 501 Hz

Reel diameter

400 2200 mm

Cable diameter

2 - 36 mm

Cable laying

Automated with possible manual correction

Breaking system

Electric motor,  soft adjusted manual band break

Range of cable speed 

0 - 3000 m/h

Cable tension by winding on winch 

Up to 3000 kN

Operating temperature

0 º up to +50 º