Power cables for power supply of electrically driven centrifugal pumps


   At the present moment, most of the oil output in Russia made with electrically driven centrifugal pumps. Over 60% of wells is equipped with these pumps now.

  A. Arutyunov and V. Dolgov started development of rodless pumps in our country. A. Arutyunov based later the company REDA. Industrial samples of centrifugal pumps were designed in the design office OKKB KONNAS.  At the time of active introduction (60th years of 20th century), depth of installation was 300 up to 1200 m.  In process of development of installations, its depth always increased and, therefore, conditions of operation became worse. Now, typical depth of installation of centrifugal pump in Western Siberia is 2200-2800 m. Formation fluid, mechanical impurities are removed intensively and increased output of associated gas follows from the oil layer.  All these factors are difficult for installation of a pump and power cable. According the data of the company NOVOMET-PERM, usual temperature of centrifugal pump at operation mode is 126-128oC (oil fields Gazpromneft-Hantos). These conditions are critical for usual cables with insulation of copolymer propylene.

  The main reasons for taking the cable out of use are:

 - overheating with damage of insulation and reduction of radial thickness to critical dimension, less than 2 mm;

- intrusion of associated gas under insulation that causes breaking of insulation when rising the equipment.


The company REDA is supplying a group of cables with insulation made from EPDM rubber and lead sheath that is able to work in wells with surrounding temperature up to 216 oC and gas inside. These cables are very expensive and they are used mainly like extension cables at the end of a cable line in contact with installation (temperature in these areas can reach 200 oC). Use of these cables as the main cable line is not profitable because of a high cost.

  With attention to all above indicated, OOO Pskovgeokabel have developed in 2008 the cable KPpApBP-120 3x16, which designed to operate in wells with high gas content and temperature up to 130 oC. Main feature of the design is the presence of metallic shell which placed on the second layer of conductor insulation.  The metallic shell regarded as a frame that holds softened insulation of cable from moving. Figure 1 shows a design of the cable and its technical characteristics.  Now, a pilot batch of the cable is produced and delivered to OOO NOVOMET-Servis for tests. 

Figure 1  oil submersible cable PppBP- 120 3x16

Dimension of cable

15,2x37,3 mm

Resistance of power conductor, not over

1,18 hm/km

Maximum operating voltage

4,4 kV

Resistance of insulation, not less

20000 Mhm/km

Minimum diameter of bending

850 mm

Maximum operating temperature


Maximal hydro static pressure

35 Pa

Minimal temperature by dynamical bending and winding 

-30 º

Weight of cable in air

1450 kg/km