Ship cable SMPVG


Ship cables with copper conductors with insulation of thermoelastoplast, sheath made of oil -gasolin resistant elastomer, fire retardant type SMPtVG, SMPtVEG, SMPtEVG, CMPtEVEG are produced by standard TU 3586-030-24118545-2013 (analogue of TU16.K71-106-90).

Ship cables are produced with new high technology materials replacing all types of rubber and soft PVC with high elasticity, good chemical, ozone, heat stability, stable in seawater and by low temperatures, nonpolluting, with good dielectric properties.


Figure 1 typical design of cable SMPtVG

Quantity of conductors

3 ÷ 52

Section of conductors

0,5 up to 2,5 mm2


round copper multi-wire; class of conductor not less 3 - section 1,0 up to 4,0 mm2, class 2 - section 6 up to 70 mm2




halogen free thermoplastic oil fuel resistant elastomer, fire retardant


in overall screen


with screened conductors


with screened conductors in overall screen

The cables for stationary laying inside of rooms type SMPVG-60, SMPVEG-60, SMPEVG-60, SMPEVEG-60 hermetic in radial and longitudinal direction for hydrostatic pressure up to 6 MPa (60 kg/cm2) are designed for operation up to 1000 V of alternating current and frequency up to 200 Hz or 1500 V of direct current.

The cables for outboard deployment types SMPVG-100, SMPVEG-100, SMPEVG-100 hermetic in radial and longitudinal direction, for hydrostatic pressure up to 10 MPa (100 kg/cm2), designed for operation with voltage up to 1000 V of alternating current, and frequency up to 200 kHz, or 1500 V direct current, up to 5000 V alternating current and frequency up to 50 kHz, or 7000 V direct current.


- high resistance to mineral oils, fuel, alkalis and acids;

- wide temperature range of operation: -45oC up to 125oC;

- temperature of mounting up to -30oC;

- low toxicity, no emission of corrosive gases by burning;

- low danger to electronic plates

- good flexibility and resistance to abrasion.