Flexible cables


Cables without armour of steel wires consist significant part of production of OOO ôPskovgeokabelö.á Usually, they are flexible sealed cables with different range of power and signal conductors, wear-resistant polymer sheath and load carrying element from high-strength yarn ARMOS (Kevlar). Whole range of these cables is very broad. Area of application is field and sea geophysics, airgeophysics, electric exploration, study of shelf, control of robots, towing of seaand subsea equipment. Cables with neutral or positive buoyancy for electric seismic exploration of mineral deposits at sea take special place in the production range. The areas of application indicated above demand special features of cables: high rate transmission of information including video picture, flexibility, wear-resistance of sheath by frequent winding and unwinding, low specific weight, a loading element and, usually, a longitudinal sealing.á


The cables produced according Technical orders or Technical conditions developed by OOO ôPskovgeokabelö and agreed with a customer á

- ĎU 3572-004-24118545-2005- źTelephone trunk cables with polyurethane sheath, type ╩Ď╠╗;
- ĎU 3572-005-24118545-2005- źLoad-carrying combined cables with plastic sheath, type á╩G╩╗;
- ĎU 3572-006-24118545-2005- źLoad carrying cables of small dimensions╗;
- ĎU 3585-093-05755909-2007- źMarin trunk cable for subsea deployment, type ╩╠PP╗;
- ĎU 3585-094-05755909-2007- źMarine single core cable for subsea deployment, type ╩PU╗;
- ĎU 3586-098-05755909-2007- źLoad-carrying reinforced sealed cables, type KGUZ╗.

áTherangeofproductscanbedividedtothe followinggroups: load-carrying combined cables and cables with neutral buoyancy.

Load-carrying combined cables

G╩U1╩ (5§0,75+2VP)U
KST (4§1,0+4§2§0,35)-10

Fig.1 ľ Examples of load-carrying cables

By request of a customer, wecaninstalloutputs, connectors,outlets of conductorsat the cables by hot pressing.