Pskovgeocable Ltd. was founded in 1996. The main activities of the enterprise focus on development and serial manufacture of a wide range of logging geophysical armored cables.

Application in technological processes of the newest specialized equipment developed by experts of Pskovgeocable Ltd. and foreign companies, causes a high degree of quality of made production. The complete set of the target equipment, special facility and equipments allows to make all any complexity cable elements in a united technological cycle on one industrial platform.

The enterprise possesses the well-qualified engineering staff of both great scientific potential, and a considerable practical work experience. There are also a Design Office, Office of New Techniques and Technologies and our own manufacturing unit, which all give us an opportunity to attain any technological objectives within the shortest periods of time possible, ranging from putting new items on the line to building unique machinery, including technological lines, which is certified by the patents of the Russian Federation in the sphere of cable production and technology. Cable equipment manufactured by Pskovgeocable Ltd. , cable hosts in particular, are successfully utilized in the regions with different climatic conditions, from Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean.

High level of manufacture culture, the non-polluting environment in industrial premises are the important factors causing a high degree of quality of production.

Developed by experts of the enterprise "Automated system of monitoring and registration of technological process" has allowed to transform all manufacturing process - from reception of raw materials before calculations with consumers - to the modern computerized account with creation of the interconnected databases. The system provides constant recording of technological processes all units of the basic process equipment in a real time with fixing of deviations from the set parameters and information transfer in databases of finished goods and semifinished products, entrance control and shipped production.

Logging geophysical armored cables Pskovgeocable Ltd. produced is certified for compliance with State Standard of the Russian Federation, GOST R 51978-2002 Logging geophysical armored cables. General technical provisions.

At the enterprise there is the Center for Testing and Certification where, using the unique testing equipment and involving into the work experts of various fields and systems, the testing of the geophysical cables and wiring in the conditions maximally similar to the working ones is underway. One of the Center`s objectives is also testing and introduction into the production of advanced technologies and new materials of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Besides logging cable types presented in the range due to the customer`s request Pskovgeocable Ltd. can develop and produce cable types with special characteristics.